The Red Carpet

Just because your carpet "looks" good does not make it clean. Having a clean carpet has a lot to do with your health and well-being. Carpet Clinic provides the highest level of carpet cleaning services in London that makes your carpet fresh and hygienic. Our company works with various residential and commercial client bases including property agents, hotels, schools, serviced offices and apartments, carpet wholesalers and a raft of private individuals.

In addition to carpet cleaning, Carpet Clinic offers specialist services in the application of stain proofing, anti-static treatment and other treatments such as disinfectants and antimicrobial sprays, specially formulated to kill insects, mould, mildew, bacteria odours, roaches, fleas, ants, beetles, bedbugs and their larvae.

Environmentally-friendly yet powerful enough to tackle the toughest carpet cleaning jobs, Carpet Clinic is your top choice for carpet cleaning services in London. If your company has an environmental policy, don't worry.